Friday, September 18, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

The battle of the food fetishists vs. the leather fetishists continues--as wholesome "family" entertainment claims Meatpacking. [Villager]

Literature dies at a book party for "twitter wit." [NYP]

Hashing: Where jerks run around the Lower East Side in a "never-ending quest for beer, food, good times and beer." [EVG]

...After all that, if you're still not convinced the city is in the shitter, save the date on 9/28: Don't miss the third installment of Vanishing City at Dixon Place, complete with Bowery visuals and live cabaret. [DP]


Anonymous said...

I don't need anymore convincing that this city is in the shitter, but after this thread if there's anyone with any doubts, those should now "vanish". NYC is dead.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @8:18am..

I was just about to say the same thing.

Melanie said...

Good coverage--Jeremiah--please note--I have hit my free limit on blogger and have started my second blog
please link this blog too.

Anonymous said...

To September 19, 2009 12:20 PM
Nice to know someone feels the same.
I used to think it was just me, but I've gone past that point. It just has to be an objective reality, not an opinion. How can anyone walk around, or look at what's happened, and not see it or feel it? The shallowness, and the sheer hollowness just echoes everywhere I go.