Tuesday, September 15, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

As the Cheyenne Diner makes its move to Alabama, its impending arrival was celebrated at the annual Butterbean Festival. You won't be able to eat at the diner anymore, but Dune Buggy the Clown, aka "The Ambassador of Peanuts," will. [AL]

After public nudity, people are now pissing off the roof of the Standard. [Gothamist]

Green condo not really very green at all. [EVG]

Another new Toynbee Tile spotted on Grand Street, along with Delancey and the one for Jim Power on 2nd Ave. They all seem to be anti-media. [BB]

Nanny Bloomberg is trying to stop you from smoking in the great urban outdoors. [ND]

What if Carrie took to the crack pipe in the next film installment of Sex & the City? [NYCR]


Anonymous said...

Michael Bloomberg is a power hungry maniac. He is also a control freak.
He has no business telling people how to live their lives.

He reminds me of the mayor in the movie "Demolition Man" with 1990's movie about the future. That's the way New York is turning.

Ike said...

Can we stop treating smokers as innocents who are trampled by an oppressive government?

They are followers; they mindlessly puff away their money because ads and pop culture sell them phony individualism.

They are children; as a child does not understand why he cannot live on cookies alone, smokers follow a deadly regime for the sake of pleasuring themselves.

They are dangerous; despite mountains of research on second-hand smoke, smokers insist on a public place to poison their neighbors. The habit is the emblem of the crude class, which cuts across race and riches. What other New Yorkers as a group are as nonchalant about tossing their flaming refuse into the gutter?

They are addicts; the main difference between a smoker and a crackhead is that the smoker needn't steal for his fix.

They are the worst of New York, the worst of every town. They should be taxed or regulated or shunned until they are ready to join their community.

Poor bastards.

esquared™ said...

I thought Carrie was always on the crack pipe and SJP for making a sequel to that unmentionable flick.

Anonymous said...


Anything can kill a person, disease, guns, over eating, etc. People have a right to inject dishwasher fluid into their veins if they choose to.

I am not advocating smoking, I am saying it is free choice, people have the right to do so.

What's next? Thought control? Telling people it's illegal to think negative?

You have no argument.

Cars are deadly, should we ban cars? Negative thinking is deadly, should we ban negative people, and put them in mental asylums?

ALCOHOL IS DEADLY, it was banned during prohibition. RESULT = AL CAPONE and lots of $$$ on the black market. Totally stupid law.

Anonymous said...

I have to mention this again to all who read this blog - WATCH DEMOLITION MAN - THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO NEW YORK!!!!

Other good picks

1984 by george orwell (a book)

Soylent Green - hard to find but a good film about the future


Anonymous said...

Is the Elf Mayor planning to close the cigar bars?

IKE said...

You're right that I have no argument--except that none of the substances you mention are addictive or dangerous to people surrounding the user. Cigarettes are both. And they're used by millions of New Yorkers. Not too many of us are shooting dishwasher fluid. Even if we were, shooting it in the privacy of our own home is perfectly okay. That's not what smokers are asking. They are asking for the right to pollute and poison public space.

It's a long way from curbing smoking to the police state. But you wouldn't know it reading these comments.

Cav said...

So alcohol ISN'T addictive? Drunk drivers DON'T injure or kill people? Wow Ike, that's big news! So how's being a fascist working out for you?

Melanie said...

I just read that Mayor Bloomberg is not planning to enforce the no smoking law in the parks.

ike said...

Being a fascist seems something like being smarter than the average JVNY commenter these days. Yes, alcohol is addictive, but your chances of addiction to alcohol are slight compared to nicotine. Simply put, most people can enjoy a few drinks without becoming an alcoholic unless they have a genetic propensity for alcoholism. As many casual smokers can attest, one cannot smoke for months and years without developing a dependency or a full-on addiction.

Also, there are laws restricting where one can drink, yet none of you ninnies cries about a police state.