Thursday, September 17, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Comedy at the Holiday? JVNY reader Frances sent in this pic to my Facebook page, saying, "Stefan has not been gone six months and now there is this amIfunny night at the shrine for serious alchoholics?" First the Jager girls and now...

Oct 2-3: Attend the Lost NY Conference, starring many of your favorite nostalgists, including Alex NYC, David Freeland, and Bowery Boogie. [P&W]

At the newest Bowery tower, banging conga drums are no doubt already giving the neighbors something to fret about. [Curbed]

Matt Harvey looks at the murder of Eric "Taz" Pagan and gun violence in Alphabet City. [NYP]

As more bullets fly in the East Village, some things don't change: "Still, I see too many seemingly clueless people bopping around by themselves wearing Bose soundproof headphones and texting at 2 a.m. They're making it a little too easy." [EVG]

Kevin Walsh traces the evolution of Extra Place, the lost alley off Bowery. [HP]

Dickchicken possesses the voicebox of Ernie Anastos: "Keep fucking that chicken." [Gothamist]


Unknown said...

Ernie Anastos uncensored and his phrase about chicken

Bryan said...

Thanks for plugging the conference, JM. There's now a full schedule online -- here.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks bryan, i updated the link. i hope i can make it, it looks great.

Anonymous said...

As long as the projects are along Avenue D, there will be violence.

or any element of poor people. Even when the Lower East Side and Alphabet City was Jewish and Italian, there were murders and crime.

The yuppies don't do that shit.

Reed Korach said...

By the way, it's like the chances of being attacked by a shark while floating around the pacific ocean.

The occurrences of violence against yuppies is rare. So they still feel pretty confident walking around with soundproof headphones and texting, because the yuppies outnumber the thugs on the street.

So I really don't think the yuppies are being stupid, they know they won't be robbed or attacked because there are to many witnesses around.

If it was the 80's, or early to mid 90's and the neighborhood was entrenched with poor people and drugs, they would never live there the way they do now.

Reed Korach said...

The occurrences of violence against the yuppies are pretty low. They don't have fear because they don't really have to fear. There are to many witnesses around, so they all feel safe.

Anonymous said...

Yuppies do that shit anon.

Anonymous said...

Yuppies are perfect specimens. "Yunnies". They are superior humans. They are the purest form of perfection. They dwell in $2000 a month apartments in the East Village and eat organic meals. They are perfection.

They drink organic cocktails at upscale places like "Super Dive".

They drink perfect versions of Colt 45 in miniature perfect bottles.

They perfect the art of wearing Extra Small lumberjack, plaid shirts and perfectly cut vein cutting tight skinny jeans that shrink their already tiny penises to even smaller size.

So don't tell me that Yuppies do that shit. Because they do, to perfection.

Anyone who lives in the East Village, or Alphabet City (I am sorry Yunnies, I meant to Say East Village) is beyond perfection. They are human art. They are God.
They are better than the earth. They are superior beings. They are more superior than space itself, and the stars. Their Converse All stars ARE FUCKING PERFECT. PERFECTLY STAINED, PERFECT SIZE,


nonetheless said...

I wanted to retort, to anon 'S [12:42] comment, that yuppies do kill, and provide a link to your post of the craigslist killer. But the link/post no longer exists. Did a yuppie/yunnie threaten you, and made you take out that post? (i'm sure this won't be posted in the comments section, but I am wondering on what happened to that post)

Jeremiah Moss said...

no, no threats. i go back sometimes and delete stuff i later decide is sort of tasteless or not up to par. you can probably still find it in the "way back machine." nothing ever really dies on the internet.

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