Wednesday, September 2, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

For those who just can't resist leaving their $1,000+ laptops unattended while they smoke or pee (who does this?), there's now a handy camouflage to fool thieves. [LH]

"French language bookstore Librairie de France--a Rockefeller Center destination for 74 years--is closing shop after its rent threatened to triple to an astonishing $1 million a year." [NYDN]

Discovering a last remnant of the old Ziegfeld theater. [HP]

A Beaux-Arts landmark is getting topped with a glassy sliver of a tumor. [EVG]

Without Internet service underground, people still read on the subway. City Room asks for your MTA reading list. [CR]

Mike Albo visits old-school, cost-conscious Syms and finds "my regard for the suit was re-attuned. Instead of a symbol of status, I began to see it as ordinary masculine work wear." [NYT]

A shoplifter gets exposed Luddite style--on paper, taped to a signpost. [Curbed]


Anonymous said...

The French Library closing just makes me feel angry. It's truly disgusting what's happening.

Ken Mac said...

the head from the old Ziegfeld is amazing...

Anonymous said...

$1 million a year for that space?
What are they going to sell, drugs?
How do you make money paying $1 million a year in rent?

I HATE this abbreviation "FIDI" What the flying F* is that all about?

It's called DOWNTOWN.