Monday, September 14, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Checking in with the Breslin holdovers: they're not allowed to enter through their own front door and they're only permitted to use the service elevator. [CN]

Poet of the LES, Jim Carroll has died of a heart attack. [NYT]

Ask an expert about the gentrification of Chinatown. [CR]

Michael Perlman writes in to say the Cheyenne Diner will finally "begin its long-awaited move to Alabama" tonight. So go by and say goodbye:

Gathering memories of the city's shuttered businesses. [EVG]

The outlook on Bleecker--is bleak. [FNY]

Looking at the once grand Hotel St. George. [GVDP]


Anonymous said...

I remember the basketball diaries. It's a classic story about white low-working class kids from the city. Because of white flight, the only white people in Manhattan are rich, except some of the Jews on the Lower East Side
and maybe a couple of Irish families left in Inwood. Inwood used to be Irish, same as Washington Heights, and then they had riots and white flight (the Irish left). I will mention the Bronx is still pretty much working class white people (north bronx) except Co-Op city.

It's like Brooklyn. Brooklyn used to have a lot of "white" neighborhoods, they still do, but mostly Jews. The Italians left in droves to Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey, also Upstate. The Irish did pretty much the same. That happened a long time ago though.

But you definitely don't see white people like that unless they are old, or the small minority left that still exists. I know one guy who is from Manhattan, white guy late 20's, kind of a druggie who lives with his mother in a rent controlled apartment in a really yuppie section, but it used to be a working class Manhattan area.

Hell's kitchen and the upper west were both working class in the 80's. The 90's is when all the "WHITE" people came in. (the yuppie whites)

The only "white", city kids left live in parts of queens, brooklyn bronx, and that's pretty much it.
And they are definitely a small group.

Staten Island is not a city, it's the suburbs. It might as well be New Jersey.

Manhattan is totally yuppified except the black areas like Harlem, and latinos.

laura said...

anon 3:10: asians are working class poor & also "yuppified" what ever that means. theres a huge asian population in manhattan. you forgot them.