Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Note from the Backside #5

Near tragedy struck the Backside last week. An air conditioner plummeted from a top-floor tenement window, sailed towards the hotel patio, and took out the infamous clothesline with all its brown-stained underpants and double-D brassieres.

Foul play? Karmic retribution? Or just a couple of loose screws?

Wrote one Backsider, "There was a huge thud. At first I thought it was someone falling off the hotel’s upper balcony, which totally scares me. Relieved it wasn’t. But now the clothesline is gone (well, for now)."

RIP: old clothesline

This week, the clothesline has been rehoisted in a new, more prominent position. And the group of disgruntled residents who resurrected it have gotten fresh press--WPIX calls them the "panty coalition," and 1010 WINS' John Montone dubbed their exploits a "lingerie line of defense."

the new line from the Backside

"No word yet," writes Andrew Ramos at WPIX, "as to how owners of the CSH Bar are taking the subtle, but effective" tactic.

But let's not forget what the Times reported last year--that the hotel developer "considers it an asset that guests in the $100 million hotel...may peer down on a tenement roof where laundry is being hung out to dry. 'That’s the kind of thing people want to see,' he said."

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EV Grieve said...

To be honest, I never thought the clothesline was all that effective. Many of the guests may not even be familiar with the concept of clotheslines. ("Oh, that's how poor people dry their clothes. Shame they don't have maids.") Seeing something like this may make them feel more smug, superior.

Bowery Boogie said...

they should hang signs from the clothesline. stuff to make people feel paranoid, like what one commenter alluded to a few weeks ago, smile you're on camera.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

If people want to see "authentic" NY life, how about setting up a needle-exchange on the deck?

Marjorie said...

as an aside, i think the WPIX folks did the ethical big-media thing, crediting your coverage of the conflict. nice to give 'em a shout-out since so few outlets credit smaller community papers and blogs for breaking stories.

bryan said...

I'd had secret fantasies that those were unwashed undershorts up there -- complete with big racing stripes. Something that would be hard to romanticize and might just spoil your appetite for an $18 fruity cocktail.

Jeremiah Moss said...

the drawers are pretty poopy.

Colonnade Row said...

I'm betting the CSH loves this clothesline as giving the neighborhood some 'flavor'. They need to be more artistic aggressive, and direct with this approach. Make it the douchebag Hall of Fame and hang snaps of CSH A-holes being obnoxious. Or borrow from Jenny Holzer and hang narratives about having to be validated by being seen there. Or hang facts about what the developers actually did do the neighborhood and try to shame people who patronize this place (which would be a challenge, granted.) Hire an activist curator for this project! If I had time, I'd volunteer.

Jonah Burke said...

I read all the Backside posts and comments, and I was surprised to see no mention of action under the NYC noise code, which limits the volume of music coming from a commercial establishment to 42 decibels (inside adjacent residences). Have the residents filed a complaint with DEP?

Patricia said...

i'm a resident in the building and we've called 311 literally hundreds of times--for construction, smoke from their fireplace and noise from the bar. absolutely nothing happens. they get inconsequential fines.
i got a letter back from the dep. if the noise is from crowds and not music--which this is--it's a matter for police and not them, they say.

Jonah said...

Patricia, you and your fellow residents should hire a lawyer and file a nuisance action against the hotel.

Jill said...

I want to comment on the 42 decibel limit. I had the DEP here about a mechanical noise problem and they told me that the limit is 42, but they give 5 more points to offset equipment and then you are allowed to be 3 points over the limit, bringing it up to 50. Sounds like bs to me, but you can't argue with them and expect them. Probably a different crew would come up with a different story.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this.

Another suggestion:

Book rooms on several floors.

Bring bedbugs.

Repeat as needed until pests become featured in reviews on Yelp, Travelocity, etc.

Hell, reviews of bedbug infested rooms at the Cooper Union Hotel on various travel sites need not even be preceded by step #1, above.

Need I go on? You can probably order boxes of roaches and similar things on the web. Bring along a few hundred.

Roaches check in, but they don't check out.

You think any hotel is going to survive a hundred "bed bugs ruined my stay at the Cooper Union Hotel" review comments? Not bloody likely.

Anonymous said...

Super soaker with Tomato Juice on white cushions day after day

PS Bedbugs BAD idea...they can travel to adjacent buildings