Tuesday, June 2, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Saying goodbye to the Amato Opera as the final curtain closes. [NYT]

The recent spate of violent attacks in and around Tompkins Square Park have spawned a neighborhood watch blog: Alphabet City Neighbors.

More neighbors vs. hotels news, as the Jane may be forced to go dry. [HC] via Curbed

You know the East Village is handing out way too many liquor licenses when the cupcake shops start applying for booze. [EVG]

Notes from the Backside makes the Neighborhood News at New York:

Bookstore fans pledge thousands to save Morningside shop. [CR]

Rents push more writers and bookshops out of Park Slope. [BP]

Get ready Ludlow, there's a new outdoor space to worry about. [BB]


EV Grieve said...

It's cool that New York picked up the Cooper Hotel exclusive from the Post!

(OK, so I've made that joke already once today....)

Bowery Boogie said...

They should really specify their sources in that feature.

Marjorie said...

This makes me crazy about newspapers -- the NYT does it too.

but i specifically came here to comment on the amato's closing. i'm so sad! my parents went there on one of their first dates, in 1957. last year, my mom and i took my kids to their first opera there. (my dad a huge opera buff, died a few years ago.) it was so sweet and intimate and kid-friendly. the actual performance was a mixed bag, but you couldn't beat the unpretentious, warm, kid-friendly atmosphere. farewell, lovely little community treasure...