Friday, June 12, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

This was inevitable: Standard Hotel guests show off their naked selves for the High Line strollers. The show includes men, women, "Lights, leather, chains. Everything." [NYM]

Check out the schedule of summer rock in Tompkins Square Park. [TSPL]

Some broke-ass tips for living cheap in Greenpoint. [BAS]

Still trying to save Coney Island. [RS]

When new New Yorkers and old New Yorkers clash, there may be Yelping. [EVG]

Oh boy, snow leopards in Central Park! [Gothamist]

A collection of Times Square images through time--from the extensive and infinitely distracting vintage ephemera site of James Lileks.


Rutila said...

That broke-ass "Greenpointer" is such a fucking hipster!

A real Greenpointer's guide to living cheaply in the 'hood: Buy food from the obiadys. Five dollars will get you a day's worth of grub.

Mykola Dementiuk said...

Times Square images are always a sight to see. I'd seen them before but they bring back nostalgia. The adage 'look at it because you might not see it again' rings true for life in New York City. Even my characters in my short novel "Times Queer" go though buildings that are always being demolished and they must keep moving to survive. Life on the streets is no joke, then or now.

Anonymous said...

re: the hotel about the Highline- How come when poor people take off their clothes in public it's called innappropriate, illegal and disgusting but when rich people do it it's seen as sexy and delightfully free? I'm all for more openess with sexuality but the double standard is just another manifestation of money letting some people be "more equal than others".

Melanie said...

Was in the West Village today--Nicky Smoke Shop on 6th Avenue and 10th Street--was renovated by the new owner and he kept the old timey style. Yeah!!I have a photo on my blog.
Magazines-smokes-street maps-yeah!!!Print still lives somewhere.