Tuesday, June 30, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Is the Bowery Salvation Army, closed months ago, really becoming a high-end sushi restaurant? [Curbed]

ABC No Rio gets money to stay alive. [NYT]

Grieve begins chronicling the Superdive Diaries. [EVG]

This creepy Michael Jackson painting turned up in a Meatpacking gallery window:

And more weirdness: A piece of Jackson's Neverland Ranch now resides at Coney. [Gothamist]

More gang-banging off Tompkins Square Park. [NMNL]


Ken Mac said...

michael jackson as Jesus. That is as disgusting as jamie foxx calling jackson the "greatest entertainer of all time." The gloved freak had a few good albums, one, Thriller, is the best seller of all time. But hey, those same consumers also bought Eagles records. No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." HL Mencken

Media glut said...

Well, Thriller is really a lot Quincy Jones. is it not?
I cringe at his hiccup singing effect which I guess came after Thriller.
Greatest entertainer of all time? Ha!

I kind of like the painting. I don't see it as MJ jesus but rather holding his black doomed child self.

Ken Mac said...

Larry's got a point. Quincy for sure! Especially Off The Wall.

JakeGould said...

Gotta say, I'm quite astonished at how a general post gets to become a Michael Jackson hate fest for two folks. You might not appreciate what he did, but he did have a global impact in entertainment and the world. And he's on par with Elvis as an artist who created amazing work, but then degraded into a caricature of themselves.

I'm not a massive Michael Jackson fan, but you know I think of all the things "vanishing" in New York, it seems like closeted racism still thrives among some folks who claim to be "authentic" New Yorkers.

Get over it. The guy had an impact on the world of entertainment the likes of which I don't think we'll see in years.

Ken Mac said...

racism? Hate fest? Geesh. I'm just tired of the over-the-top coverage. It's nothing to do with race until JackS brought it up.
When Off the Wall was released I was playing drums in a mostly black band in NC working up the material. Wanna see my fro? Man, some folks looking for the race bait under every tree. And he ain't the greatest entertainer of all time, what like Marvin Gaye, Elvis, Beatles, MIles Davis and Coltrane didn't exist?

Newburgh Restoration said...

Yeah that painting is creepy