Wednesday, June 17, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

French anarchists take Union Square Barnes & Noble and Sephora by storm. [NYT]

...anarchist's reading of The Coming Insurrection "" [AM]

Lower East Side a "Disneyland for drunks." [EVG]

On the MTA
, more yunnies = harsher urban etiquette signage. [CR]

Checking in with the Bowery Stakeholders. [BB]

"This bespells doom." --Sedaris, at the Strand, on the Kindle. [NYT]

Park Slopers, don't leave your stuff lying around--it'll get stolen. [BP]


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's plan is very simple. Destroy the working class
Environment. CLEANSE these "undesirables" from
ALL 5 Boroughs. This stretches as far out to the Long Island border of Queens to the northern most
Part of the Bronx. He wants it all luxury.

He wants all native New Yorkers OUT so he can move in foreign $ and wealthy suburbanites into the city from OTHER states.

He wants to rid any trace of old
New York.

It will happen. The billionare mayor rules and nobody can stop him.

The sandal wearing, barefooted, bearded
Late 20's yuppies with California accents
Will all move to Coney Island and make of completely
Corporate. They will bring their Pabst Blue Ribbon,
Contemporary furniture, and their trust funds to Coney Island, the Bronx, Staten Island, etc
To coney island. They will open Jamba Juices,
Coffee shops with "indie" music, $10 beer places
Where outsiders (new yorkers) are not
Welcome. This is their revenge on real new yorkers for not being accepted, making their own stupid and wussy looking
Scene for people who are wearing sandals, beards, cut
Off shorts, skin tight jeans, and goofy 70's and 80's crap.

They just live off trust funds and steal styles and make them look ridiculous. These people suck!

Take your own boring crap lives back to the suburbs and stop messing with us natives. Tale your damn lawn chairs out of times square and back to Idaho!!!

EV Grieve said...

I like Johnny's, but...Bunga's Den? As in Gunga Din?

john said...

Bloomberg is only a local manifestation of global and national trends

Anonymous said...

Make money or die!