Wednesday, June 10, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Another spot on the Rodeo Drive end of Bleecker is opening (for Marc Jacobs?) as beloved Biography Bookshop announces it's moving east--to the non-Beverly Hillsy end of Bleecker...

...The bookshop will be near Cornelia Street, across from the still-empty Zito's Bakery, and it looks like it will be renamed "bookbook":

Butter Lane owner says they don't want to be a bar, they just want to serve wine with cupcakes. [EVG]

...Meanwhile, they're experiencing some suspicious non-cupcake-related (?) odors. [NMNL]

On the gentrification of Park Slope's 5th Ave--and, stop the presses, the NY Post actually quotes and cites a blogger. [HIPS]

It must be Defend Hipsters day. I did it and Mike Albo does it: "I come to you at a time of great tension. I am here today to defend the hipster, and to create lasting peace between hipsters and greater New York City." [NYT]

"I keep picturing Carrie Bradshaw on the High Line, and it terrifies me... I worried that it would one day be overrun with tourists and film crews. I imagined turning on the television to see Carrie stumbling down its promenade with a broken heel, weeping over Mr. Big. How, I wondered, could it possibly retain the tranquillity that made walking along its rusting, decrepit deck such a haunting experience? ...We still need to see what will happen when the High Line gets on the major tourist itineraries." [NYT]

View the corpse of Times Square. [GVDP]

Old Oldsmobile signage on Flatbush. [SNY]


EV Grieve said...

Good for the Post to finally cite a blog. Now who wants to tell them about Twitter?

Édouard said...

Good to hear that Biography's found a place to move to. I knew they were going to have to move and feared they'd simply be forced by rents to close down altogether so it's nice to learn they're just moving down the street.