Friday, March 13, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Sneak under the Coney boardwalk with photographer Nathan Kensinger. [via Curbed]

City to buy condos? "Seemed everywhere you looked, from Chelsea to Corona, a new luxury building was cropping up,” says Christine Quinn, “Thousands of these homes never sold, left like tarnished trophies of the building boom. These vacant apartments now represent our best asset in the fight for affordable housing." [Villager]

Chumley's (its luster forever lost when it collapsed) has finally raised the roof--complete with dormers. Thanks to the JVNY reader who sent in this bird's eye shot:

For the love of butcher Baczynsky's beautiful plastic bags. [EVG]

Trendy something-or-other replaces Ludlow Wholesale Candy. [BBoogie]

The Vanishing City discussion continues at Dixon Place 3/29--this time with bagels from H&H. [CR]

The uber high-end Brooks Brothers that replaced beloved Nusraty Imports was forced to discount its merchandise ($800 shoes are now $550). [Racked]

Reichl twits of the new Minetta: "funky Balthazar West." Exactly. [Eater]

"Calling All Shittites": New York Shitty seeks contributors.


Anonymous said...

I smell a rat. B'berg, Quinn and pals are doing an altruistic number by providing shelter for low and middle incomers? Bailout by any other name is bailout. I can remember when the city shoved the homeless into hellholes, paying their RE buddies gazillions in rents. This should really hit the NY taxpayer! Remember: the pols are controlled by the RE crowd.

Jeremiah Moss said...

definitely smells rat-like. we hear this only when suddenly the middle and working classes are, in some messed-up way, "trendy." it's now fashionable or correct to favor the non-rich.

still, if it happens, i wouldn't mind getting out of my rat-trap apartment.

Anonymous said...

J, I love the locution non-rich!! Re: NY pols -- whatever happened to Quinn's "slush fund"? Did she spend it at Prada or attempt to help the non-rich? How many rent regulated apartments does Charlie Rangel have these days? When the Elf Mayor speaks of affordable housing, be afraid, very afraid.