Monday, March 2, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Frowning at luxury? "...the mentality that helped propel the city’s real estate prices into lunar altitudes is gone. Not only are there fewer buyers today, but they are also more apt to have a yard-sale attitude." [NYT]

"Mommy didn’t get a big enough bonus" and private-school enrollment will fall. Will this help save the public school system? [NYT] ...It's already happening on the college level. [NYT]

The LES has been flooded with dorms--now they're for rent. [Curbed]

So, will those bad old days and mean streets return in the downturn? Experts say "Nah..." [NYT]

Doing some mall shopping in the old Limelight's shell. [FP]

Take a stagger around the East Village with Forgotten NY.

HunterG visits Wechsler's and, with heart aflutter, digs in. [HGNY]

Chico, the ubiquitous East Village muralist, is moving to Florida. [Villager]

Finding the Czechs of New York. [ENY]

Unfortunately, the Jagermeister "Jagerettes" will be partying at The Holiday. [EVG]


Anonymous said...

In regards to the listing that you saw in the East Village: Yes, people do that. I remember trying hard to find a place in EV that was reasonable, around early 2002. As someone used to cosy rooms (London born and raised), I was nonetheless shocked to see some of the rents. $1250 for a one-bedroom/studio? And in parts of Chinatown I'd find $1500 for the same thing. In the end, I shared with a couple of mates for $400 each.

Trust me, I've seen worse arrangements for more than what you came across...the horror...

The public college article sounds promising, and I'm hoping that what doesn't happen is a sort of snobbery in a decade or so, where they become the "right" places to send one's child. How do you think Eton and Harrow in England began?

Anonymous said...

its not cheap alright

Doublebanker said...

Definitely love the Jager girls coming around! Makes the bombs taste that much better!

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Jill said...

When I was looking for an apartment in 1988 I looked at a 3-bedroom where 2 girls were looking for a 3rd roommate on 13th bet 1st & A. It was $500 each ($1500 rent) and only 2 or 3 flights of stairs, not bad. The bedroom was ok size, but it didn't have a closet so I didn't take it because I couldn't imagine what I would do with my clothes. Plus, the block was really marginal. The back of the post office and that lumber yard were there (or maybe that lumber yard wasn't there yet) but it was a pretty empty block, dark and creepy.

I found a roommate with an apartment with a closet in another neighborhood for the same price, but if I knew then what I know now I would have grabbed that place and gotten myself on the lease.

Just a few years later I wound up eventually living right near there, and still here, without a closet.