Tuesday, March 10, 2009

49 Houston

A year ago, Steve Stollman's place at 49 Houston was demolished, taking with it a haven for bicyclists and Automat enthusiasts. In its place, a 14-story condo tumor was supposed to appear.

One year later? Nothing. The demolished lot is still a lot, the walls oddly decorated with flocked wallpaper the color of a faded wine stain.

The blue plywood however, provides a convenient leaning place for busy shoppers, weary from their hunting and gathering labors in "Nolita," gearing up for more. Here they stop in droves, to lean and rest while they consult their hand-held electronics. The super-sales of Elizabeth Street await.


Anonymous said...

These scummy "developers" are always in such a rush to demolish, with no guarantee that funds are in place to actually build their latest architectural monstrosities.

I suppose that's good thing (one less ugly yuppie ghetto complex), but the city would be better served by some sort of requirement of a proof of funding in place before a demolition of an historic building is permitted.

This is one of many such instances in which speculators and developers buy at the peak of the market, only to get caught short when credit tightens and prices fall. Good for the bastards!!

I don't understand Steve Stolman's motive for selling this place. From what I've heard, he did not need the money. He could have sold just the air rights above the beautiful two story building that was destroyed, thereby saving the building.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note changes take place so quickly.