Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Miracles do happen! Armando's of Brooklyn Heights, which I visited before its closure a year ago, will be reopening in the same spot. Now if only that neon sign can come back, too. [Gothamist]

Food critic Mimi Sheraton weighs in on McNally's Minetta: "It might be that such locals will be priced out of this but after all a restaurant is not a philanthropy. I also think if Minetta continues to grow and be good, it will upgrade the neighborhood... Macdougal is a sleazy mess right now and Minetta Lane is a stark nightmare. If not for Keith, Minetta might have been torn down, or, worse yet, taken over by NYU." [WSP]

What's up with all the street harmonicas? Will we soon see people carrying their stuff hobo-style, tied to a stick slung over the shoulder? [EVG]

"Why talk when you can tweet?" Volume of iPhone messages nearly collapses the grid in Austin, Texas. [NYT] ...and another neologism for our times is born (or spread): Microfamous.

Today's front page--greed is not so good:


Barbara L. Hanson said...

I love getting a whoopie pie at the farmstand down the road from the inn we stay at in Maine. Do I want one here at home? No. Everything being everywhere takes the specialness away. Hell, I remember when St. Patrick's Day was actually Irish, and my school was closed for the holiday. Now, everything for everybody everywhere, which makes life a bit duller. Or I'm just a crank.

Ken Mac said...

"Minetta Lane is a stark nightmare"? What the F is she talking about? Minetta Lane is quaint, always quiet, and a respite from the hell that is macdougal street. Mimi obviously didn't bother to walk the street before running her mouth

Anonymous said...

When does Sucelt come back?