Tuesday, March 10, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

East Village WAMU bank robbed. [RS]

The new Minetta opens tonight. McNally told Zagat, "No one familiar with the Tavern from the past will know exactly what's changed." True? [Grub]

Minetta still retains "b&w photos of people remembered only by the joint's wizened, soon-to-be-muttering-outside-angrily ex-patrons." Who's that? [Thrillist]

JVNY reader and Serious Eater "BaHa" just launched a new food blog--check out her "big balls in Bensonhurst." [WL]

Is conspicuous consumption finally dead? [NYT]

Despite worries and changes, Mr. Albanese is still cutting the meats:

Part 2 of the "Vanishing City" town hall commences March 29, 3:00 at Dixon Place--complete with film and panel discussion.

New P&G Cafe shows signs of life. [Eater]

StuyTowners celebrate a victory for the middle class. [NYO]

Enjoy a little history on Madison Square Garden. [BC]

Visit Colony Records, one of the best places to buy music and take in the memorabilia. [NYDP]


Luke Lea said...

And now that NYC is dying as well...

re: David Kamp's essay in Vanity Fair, "Rethinking the American Dream"

Would any of your readers be interested in New Towns in the Country in which people work part-time, and in their free time build their own houses, cultivate gardens, and pursue other leisure-time activities?

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks luke--loved the article and just linked to it.

Anonymous said...

hey did anybody hear anything more about the EV WAMU robbery? All I ever saw about it was one little blurb that was linked here jeremiah.