Friday, March 6, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Ken peeps at the new Minetta. [GVDP]

The Pepsi sign is back up and running. [NYCG]

Ousted StuyTown renters may be getting windfall from the real estate monster that ate them. [Curbed]

Is the Rainbow Room really becoming office space? [Eater]

The gods of baseball aren't happy. "Three of the most expensive sports arenas in history are about to open, and the timing couldn't be worse." [EVG]

Canadian reader John Ellis sends in a rare and lovely snapshot of the Baby Doll Lounge in 1993 (read about it here). He writes, "I had just graduated from film school and thought having a picture in front of the Baby Doll Lounge was cool in a John Waters sort of way." Thanks John!

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn has many updates and further info on the life and death of blogger Bob Guskind.

And Miss Heather's video, taken with Bob, of a woman exploring her family's lost home, is a must-see.


Anonymous said...

The Rainbow Room will look great with cubicles, computers, copy machines, and the gang attired in Friday casual. Has Saks considered annexing St. Pat's, y'know for really special sales?

Kimberly said...

This is my first trip to your blog. Not a fellow New Yorker or Old Yorker and I feel depressed after reading some of your "disappearing posts". However, this will not be my last trip...thanks for sharing.