Tuesday, March 17, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Take another look at the men behind Bono Sawdust, one of the many multi-generation businesses being pushed out of Willets Point. [JPCA]

On the chaining of Montague Street. [BHB]

"They're killing every part of New York," says one South Ferry buff at the new opening. [NYT]

A look at some endangered NYC storefronts. [NYM]

Plywood comes off what used to be Cedar Tavern--now merely "yawnsome." [FP]

Yet another bar for the Bowery? [BBoogie]

Appreciating the graffiti of Mars Bar. [EVG]

Go behind the scenes at the ever-lovely Prime Burger. [NYT]


Anonymous said...

Since the most anger towards AIG is taking place in both of my parent's respective hometowns.

I would happily volunteer my services to extend a friendly push or shove to any AIG exec who wants to jump in front of a moving MTA or WMATA subway train in New York City or Washington DC.

Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance so I can make the proper arrangements.

Tom Panelas said...

I've just stumbled onto this site while trawling around in search of news about my beloved Ratner's. I'd featred the worst, of course, and so I was prepared.

This is a great site. Keep up the good work, and give 'em hell.

Tom, a NYC expat

Anonymous said...

Let's just call wal-mart what it is, china-mart, the home of lowcost plastic crap that breaks, rips or falls apart in less than a month. The land of low prices made so on the backs of under paid, under insured slave work force selling wares that were made by under paid, no insurance, slave production force in china.

ahhhh so good to buy American, huh?

The Green Cat said...

Another good source on the impact of Wal-Mart is the book "The Wal-Mart Effect" by Charles Fishman (which is available in the NYC public library). It's an easy read and really shows how Wal-Mart affects manufacturing and pricing, not only in its own stores but also in others. I urge anyone who still shops at Wal-Mart to read this book and then decide if you still want to spend your money there.