Wednesday, November 26, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Some good news for fans of the P&G Bar: "Mr. Chahalis now plans to reopen the 66-year-old neighborhood institution just a few blocks away, after signing a new 20-year lease on the former Evelyn lounge space at 380 Columbus Avenue; same familial name, same friendly service." But can they take that gorgeous neon sign with them? [NYO]

...And will it fit over the Evelyn Lounge? Kind of amazing the P&G would replace a joint once frequented by mochatini-drinking, "cash-wadded, stogie-smoking" types.

Tenants stick it to landlord in the EV with tumor teardowns. Maybe the 7th St tumor will be next. [Curbed]

The IKEA hellhole pic? It's the real deal. Ham Hock adds a nice wide shot with lots of real details:

With cobblers doing well in the new economy, more reason to cry for Fontana's and hope for David's (he's still on the ropes, so bring him your tired soles!). [NYDN]

Visit Gowanus Canal in the 1970s. [GL]

Greenpoint turning into Park Slope? Cause it smells like babies. [NYS]


Anonymous said...

'This ain’t New York anymore.'

Sad but true.

Sometimes I am the only person on the streets or in the subways who is wearing a t shirt, hat, jacket or jersey of a NY/NJ sports team.

On one particular day this past summer, I noticed more people wearing Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans jerseys than people people wearing Jets or Giants jerseys.

Ken Mac said...

barkeep at P&G said they are taking the neon with them...