Tuesday, November 11, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Nom Wah Tea Parlor reopens--thankfully!--now go get some almond cookies. [LC]

Tomorrow: Save the Bowery--because "if nothing is done the result will be a wall of towers." [SLES]

Economakis gets his way, tenants take buy out, & what other choice did they really have? [Curbed]

Mini Coopers now come in limo size--I guess that's better than those Hummer limos, but how many screaming EV bachelorettes can you fit in this thing? [HG]

Lonely Mars Bar lacks a nearby "neighbor in debauchery." [EVI]

The lovely-signed Fine & Klein is falling to make room for yet another Orchard Street hotel. [Curbed] Here's a shot of the demolition I took in September:

The owners of LES Little Giant are opening Tipsy Parson in the old laundromat space on 9th and 20th. It's all about comfort food, though personally I feel the opposite of comfortable about chicken liver mousse. Here's a shot of the forlorn laundromat, sans machines:

I've never been to Grant's Tomb, but this makes me want to check it out. [RI]

Williamsburg backlash asks "trustafarians" to stop using Obama to "blow shit cocaine & BS up ur ass!" [NYCB]

Note to hipsters, learn the protocol: "People don’t walk on the right. They’re distracted, there’s a total disregard for protocol. They have no regard for nobody else." [NYT]

Speaking of bad manners, Henry Alford offers a helpful guide on how to "wage a campaign of subtle remonstrance" on the streets of New York. [NYT]


Anonymous said...

I am glad the anti-hipster backlash is finally picking up more steam.

Its hould have started a long time ago though.

Their attitudes towards the NYPD last week was disgusting.

The NYPD should have beat the living crap out of all of them.

L'Emmerdeur said...

Henry Alford is three months away from stabbing somebody. And I'm right behind him.

Anonymous said...

Hey if things come full circle--maybe we can have the opium dens return--you know hipsters love drugs--

Unknown said...

This is the first time I have read your blog. I grew up in NYC in the 1970s. You are perfectly correct and this is all very depressing. No wonder I don't haunt the old grounds anymore. Either they don't exist or they've been sanitized. I used to love to go to the Museum of Modern Art when it was 4 times smaller and only cost $3 to get in; and it wasn't filled with tourists who had no idea what they were looking at. I also miss the Whelan's drug store across the street from Radio City. Imagine that--you could get an egg cream and nasal spray right across the street from the Music Hall. A ticket to the Music Hall was $2 then. That LES laundromat picture really got me choked up. I remember places like that. I remember barber shops on 14th St. Barber shops--not hair salons.

Jeremiah Moss said...

gabe, welcome and thanks for your comments. i'd like to offer some words of encouragement, but i can't think of any. except that there may be hope in recession.

Anonymous said...

Bedford Ave. Williamsburg has about as many hipsters as Murray Hill at this point. Everyone's ire is being misdirected.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

I'm way ahead of Henry; I'm the woman you see slamming her fist on the trunk of a car screaming, "Pedestrian right of way, idiot!"