Thursday, November 20, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

A reader sends in this quote about slumming on the Bowery. Any guesses at its source? "The kids all have a new craze on an old section of town. They call it the Bowery... The Bowery's changed. Not all of it, but a spot here and there. Not too long ago a wise guy spotted himself a fortune and turned a junk joint into a tourist trap. You know, lousy with characters off the street to give the place some atmosphere all the while catering to a slightly upper crust who want to see how the other half lives."

Re: The Holland Bar, another reader writes in, "A friend heard from a buddy of ours, who tended bar at the Holland to the end, that the owner told him it will re-open before January. We'll see."

Before you hop that bus, take a visit to what is possibly the skankiest dive bar in town, Port 41. [EVG]

Asian restaurant Cendrillon is leaving SoHo for Brooklyn--as the owner put it, “We’re not interested in staying in SoHo because it’s no longer a neighborhood." [NYT]

Cooper Square keeps getting fancier, as "red carpet for rent" haute couture moves in next to the Village Voice. [CR]

And that dirty old Village Voice name is coming off the building--don't want to offend the new neighbors with associations to anything bohemian or countercultural. [RS]


Anonymous said...

Jacob Riis?

Anonymous said...

I just noticed Port 41 recently. Couldn't tell if it was skanky or faux-skanky.

Parth said...

I really won't miss Cendrillon. The place was pure SoHo: snarky, expensive and not so great.

Jeremiah Moss said...

the quote is from Vengeance Is Mine by Mickey Spillane, 1950. (thanks paul!)

Anonymous said...

Why don't these yuppie assholes stay in Oregon and California, where they are all coming from.