Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

EV/LES rezoned. See details here. Doesn't this mean we'll see lots of pre-war walkups torn down for 8-story condos? Everywhere? [Curbed]

"Yunnie" makes it to the pages of Overheard in New York. In a scene about subway sex. Nice one.

Everything you wanted to know about the Bellevue psych ward's conversion to a luxury hotel but were afraid to ask. [NYM]

Is NYC going "Back to the Future," to a grittier city that once was? (I tend to think so.) Dirty train cars! McDonald's wrappers everywhere! Watch out, here come the 70s. [AMNY]

But until then, get your broke-ass "I Heart NY," the post-Vongerichtification edition, T-shirt here. [Gothamist]

And for the babies of stroller fiends, there's this little onesie:


Nick said...

Well, I'll be damned - I actually submitted that exchange to Overheard (seriously)! It was about six months or so ago - these girls were just loudly chatting away about that subject in the middle of a rush-hour train. It's really fascinating to observe them in such a complete state of aloofness from their surroundings.

(Another interesting personal yunnie sighting [this one from yesterday] - this woman was walking along 34th Avenue in Astoria yakking away on her cell phone in that Valley Girl-meets-East Coast twinge that they all have. The kicker was that she was carrying a clear plastic case designed specifically for the transportation of cupcakes. Sadly, I was not able to get a picture.)

Jeremiah Moss said...

ha! i wondered if the writer of the overheard would surface. i found it because you made a bunch of people google "yunnie," trying to figure out what it meant. thanks for the extra traffic.

overheard cell phone "conversations" are often the best. the amount of deeply personal information--often sexual and/or medical--is astounding.

sad you didn't get the cupcake box.