Monday, November 17, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

As expected and against all our hopes, the P&G will close at the end of this year. New Year's Eve will be our last chance to bask in the glory of that old bar. Take a virtual visit to the P&G--and then go for real. [LC]

In other depressing old-man bar news, the Holland has been really, really gutted. Maybe we'll get one of those fake Irish "pubs" after the renovation. Perhaps the "Country Cottage" design. [EVG]

Danny Hoch assaults gentrifiers in a new performance and urges uneasy upper-middle-class audience members to hold on to the feelings of exclusion and alienation his work induces. Check out this compelling interview. [NYT]

How will a depression effect the skyline? Says Columbia prof, it could be "very good for preservation because there [isn't] the money to demolish buildings." And "new construction is going to take a nose dive...a lot of new residential buildings are going to have a lot of trouble." [NYT]

What used to be Daphne's Hibiscus turned Blue Mahoe, on 14th and 2nd, is now Mr. Jones Yakitori, a swingin' Barbarella kind of set where people get all dressed up to eat meat on a stick.

Daphne's, however, is a survivor. You can still find her directly across the street where she merged with Chomp. Read about Daphne Mahoney here.


Ken Mac said...

Jeremiah, hitting P&G tonight. New camera tripod in hand. I think I will take your advice and revisit more classic Abbott shots. Great idea!

Jeremiah Moss said...

hey ken, take lots of good shots! looking forward to it

Ken Mac said...

Just back from P&G. Bartender says they are reopening (78th and Columbus) and keeping the sign intact. Not sure about the stained glass backbar...