Friday, November 14, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Enjoy a beautiful photo of the original International Bar--and read about the bar's history here. [EVG]

Protest Prop 8 tomorrow--join the rest of the country in standing up for human rights. Whoopi is doing it. [TR]

Danny Hoch is doing a gentrification thing at the Public.

Get advice from a geezer on how to get ready for the return of old New York. [VV] But until then...

My pet condo, One Jackson Square, is now producing condos for pets. Seriously. Little, undulating, luxury condos for dogs. [Curbed]


Anonymous said...

I myself am looking forward to the return of the old New York. Having been too young to have witnessed it in all of it's glory the first time around, I am anxious to prove to everybody on my mother's side of the family that I am indeed worthy.

Now if Washington DC would return to it's former self that would be great too. Same scenario as above but with my father's side of the family.

If both were to happen I guess you could say that I would have the best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

Bad Neighborhood Orienteering.

Reflexes once common to all New Yorkers -- like not counting money in public or appearing confused in any way -- have generally grown weak, so start behaving in "up and coming" neighborhoods as if they were down and going. Strengthen your focus on distant objects to convey a sense of purposeful walking, and maintain whenever possible a navigable distance between yourself and passers-by. Also increase your explosive strength and sprinting speed.

The yunnies are definitely going to be f*cked.

On a different note...

There is no way in hell the MTA can raise fares to 3$ right?

Aren't there some sort of consumer laws against that type of thing?

Mark Peters said...

More celebu-word fun:

Hope you enjoy!

Unknown said...

Yes, the best thing about the depression (oops! did I use the "d" word?) is that the yuppies are leaving town. I cannot wait to see this to completion.

Perhaps New York will once again be "edgy" and creative?! Oh, for NYC to be unfashionable once again, and perhaps I'll be able to live in a one room flat in Hell's Kitchen (Mom was from Hell's Kitchen--I refuse to call it Clinton--only when she lived there rent was $75/month) for $1,000 a month.

AND perhaps (or is it too much to ask for?) good music, and art, and shows, will return to the city, after a long absence because it was too expensive to do anything "different" the city. I long for the spirit of Dr. Buzzard's "Cher Chez La Femme" and Phoebe Snow's "Poetry Man" to return. NYC in the 1970s was the last time (to me) that the city was real and it went out with a bang. At the moment it is still an amusement park, a pretend city that is resting much to heavily on its past laurels.

In the 1970s, I always kept my hands in my pockets, and I kept my wallet in my front pocket. I haven't felt the need to keep my hands in my pockets for a long time. I wish I did. Yuppies don't know how to do this. They are toast if they don't leave.

I am quite saddened to learn that Cafe Figaro has closed. I also miss One Fifth Ave. a great deal.

Unknown said...

Perhaps this New York City can return (thanks to the depression):

Wouldn't that be a great thing?

Gabe--forever the optimist.

Anyone remember "Seafare of the Aegean"? It was a wonderful restaurant--without pretense. Is the "Cafe Geiger" still around? It was a very large space, on the Upper East Side, so I tend to think it was endangered...

Anonymous said...

i have one of those celeb chef jackets. i wear it when i watch that schlock-fest called Top Chef. and when padma speaks, i touch myself in a baaaad place........