Friday, November 7, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Yes, Manhattan's loss is Brooklyn's gain as the shuttered 12th Street Books has successfully, and quite gloriously, reopened as the Atlantic Book Shop. Looking good, but so far away:

The Minetta Tavern gets wrapped in plywood as it prepares to come out sparkling and ready for its new clientele--and new non-Italian menu. [BBoogie]

Amanda sends in this "reverse vanishing," a look at Bill Brand's just restored subway art project, Masstransiscope, from 1980. Check out the surreal video footage, complete with anti-terrorism PA. [FilmLinc]

Rosie O'Donnell is moving into the Ayn Randian monster-condo that replaced dearly beloved McHale's in Times Square. She looks nothing like the ads. [RD]

It's riot cops versus bearded Obama-loving hipsters in lots of fun film footage that actually makes the city look alive. [Gothamist]

Have a seat in Donohue's steak house--and let the lovely melancholy descend. [EVG]

TONIGHT: Don't forget to say goodbye to the Pioneer Theater--free movies and popcorn at 6:00! And galloping blogger Grieve mourns the loss on Flavorwire.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Jeremiah. I know, it's that anti-terrorism announcement that totally makes the video! Definitely worth going to see in person, tho.

Anonymous said...

NYC is a powder keg, waiting to explode. The cops, as filmed, are arrogant and crazed. Too many steroids in their system?

Global Health Advocate said...

it's actually closer to me.

Anonymous said...

as another blog pointed out, barack obama is stuffwhitepeoplelike