Friday, November 21, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Danny Hoch: "Colonialism is hostile. Gentrification is the same thing as colonialism more than most people would like to admit... There’s a new feudalism that’s taking place." [Gothamist]

Can you get Obama Fries with that dog? Yes, you can--at Ray's Candy on Avenue A. [NMNL]

Punk sarcophagi from the remains of CBGB are rolled into the basement of Old Navy in SoHo. And that'll be 26 bucks to see them. [NYT]

StuyTown frat-house living--which way to the free Rohypnol? [STLL]

Say goodbye to the horror show of the past 11 years? Might be wishful thinking. [Gawker]

Take a walk down lovely Charles Lane--but stop before you get to the wall of ice towers. It's cold out there. [GVDP]


Nick said...

Did it really never occur to other people that gentrification is a form of colonization? You'd hope that people in the 30-and-under crowd would be able to recognize some of the red flags in the language of the gentrifiers (particularly as we may be the first generation to grow up with a more critical view of Columbus and his ilk).

(But then I suppose that may be asking too much of my oh-so-jaded-and-oblivious contemporaries.)

Anonymous said...

In 1997, I was still in college, Bill Clinton was still president, no one had heard of Monica Lewinsky, and Rudy Giuliani hadn't yet cleaned out the open-air heroin markets in the East Village. So, let's remember what's passed in between, now that the last eleven years have been, financially speaking, wiped clean. All those corporate-sponsored parties, those condominiums, the blinged-out phones, the Maybachs. It may as well have never happened.

Hey I am all for that. Financially and even physically as well.

If it means erasing the fact that my beloved 1998-1999 Knicks team ever existed, though it would be very painful for me, I would be willing to compromise. God knows how much I LOVED that team too.

On a separate note...

Isnt paying $26 to view historic NY punk artifacts kind of expensive?

Doesnt that go against everything punk was about?

Back in 2005 there was an excellent exhibit at the NYPL complete with historic NY DISCO artifacts and admission was FREE.

Anonymous said...

Way too expensive Knicks