Tuesday, August 26, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

At the previously blogged-about 169 Bowery, Weiss Hardware's old sign has been repurposed for an art gallery opened by actor, director, and former model Norman Reedus, who says, "it's going to be sick":

Speaking of sick art, check out this graffiti next to the new American Apparel at Broadway and Howard. What's the new New York state of mind? Taking it from behind:

So maybe it's time to shuffle off to Buffalo. Maybe if we all went, it would work. [NYM]

Has Cornelia Street's Subterranean Records gone under? [FP]

Fill a city with jocks and scaffolding, and you're gonna get a whole lotta pull ups. [BB]

Holy shizzle, as the kids today say: Chelsea's super-luxe condo Yves looks like it's become desperate enough to convert to rentals. [Curbed]

Sometimes, there's good news at the Chelsea Hotel: Two more tenants win rent stabilization. [LWL]


JamesChanceOfficial said...

Yes, Subterranean closed a few months ago...sadly. Although I believe the proprietor, Michael, wasn't so bummed out about shutting the joint down.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Norman Reedus and his new gallery:

"I'm going to be sick."

Nick said...

If you're really looking into moving upstate, try Albany, Troy, or Syracuse. They've definitely got that untamed feeling that comes from a catatonic economy as well as some grand old housing stock.

Gotta throw in the city of my birth (Ithaca) as well, if only for its wonderful kookiness.

Anonymous said...

ev grieve is tired and outdated someone shoot him

Anonymous said...

I Love EV Grieve-and Jeremiah and NMNL
Keep up the good works

Anonymous said...

I may have to move upstate if I get a certain job I've been looking at. Initially I was disheartened but the more this city descends into sanitized, commercialized, yuppie luxury hell I've been warming to the idea. I always told myself I wouldn't surrender and let the fascists push me out of what remains of New York but the more and more I look at it the more I wonder if there's really anything left of New York to fight for.

Up until very recently I've felt nothing but rage and helpless sorrow watching my city die but for some reason I've finally allowed myself to accept the idea of New York hearing it's last few death knells. I've honestly felt a certain serenity now that I've started to let go. I don't know, maybe it's just that the occupying legions of yuppies and trendoids have become so numerous and so ubiquitous that their mere omnipresence has beaten my will into submission, but I'm really this close to simply letting them have it. Why would I want to live like a pauper here amongst vacuous idiots and fascist interlopers when I could enjoy a significantly better standard of living upstate amongst genuine people largely untainted by the vagaries of conspicuous consumption and me-first yunnie culture? So I can have the privilege of continuing to live on the geographical landmass where a city once known as New York stood? Everything that made this city an appealing and vibrant place to live is dead, buried, and pissed on so really, what the fuck is the point of staying here?

Upstate looks better and better by the moment.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i'm waiting for that serenity myself.

Anonymous said...

"rage and helpless sorrow watching my city die"
"hearing it's last few death knells"
You crack me up. Really.
Just get out already. The city is moving on and there are people trying to get in.
Read up on NY's past urban population movements and shut it. Come back in 100.