Tuesday, August 19, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Nostalgia for old-school hipsters in Williamsburg and hatred for those who go "woo" in the night. [Bad Joke] via [Curbed]

One of our first drag kings, 87-year-old Storme DeLarverie, will be honored at the Chelsea Hotel August 21. [LWL]

I guess the East Village just isn't authentically trashy enough for television--HBO's got to dump their fake garbage here. [NMNL]

In downtown's BMW dealership, Mr. and Mrs. Stepford are shopping in their licensed apparel:

Essex below Grand, largely untouched by Vongerichtification, is getting a wine bar. But is it kosher? [BBoogie]

Another peek inside old Kurowycky Meats. [HunterG]

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