Monday, August 4, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Punks celebrate 20 years of unrest in Tompkins Square Park--money was tossed by Leftover Crack, some of it burned, and one angry Christodoran almost got arrested. [NMNL]

About 3 people showed up at yesterday's quiet protest at the Christodora. [EVG]

Christodorans speak--they're irritated and want people to "grow up" already. [Times]

August 5 at 7:00PM, Webster Hall is showing Clayton Patterson's Captured, complete with special guest Jerry the Peddler and more. Chloe Sevigny agrees, Captured "Makes you feel like you are there in the glorydays of yesteryear...a raucous good time."

Alex keeps managing to dig up great pics of NYC in the 70s. [FP]

Even if it does turn out to be a viral marketing stunt, I remain compelled by the Montauk Monster. It's exciting to think the New York area can still cough up a bit of mystery. And here's another--the monster has now appeared, like the Virgin Mary, on a piece of toast. [ebay]

Side benefit of European tourists buying up the city: New York's conspicuous consumers are being filled with jealous, impotent rage. Even while wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, you can't get first-class service at places like Bergdorf's, and sometimes have to wait 5 whole minutes to get the attention of sales staff who are busy helping European customers. New York is not everybody's "Candyland" any more. [Times]

“It looks gross but it’s delicious"--Whole Foods tries out new strategies for looking affordable in the face of plummeting stock and a changing economy. [Times]

That Adbusters hipster article I mentioned last week is now available online.

Show World makes it into the news as the fight between the old and new Times Square still rages on. [NYDN] via Gothamist

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Anonymous said...

I still don't know what to make of that monster either. I wonder if we're ever gonna find out what that's about, especially with that old man coming out to drag him and make him disappear. With all the technology we have and the ppl watching and we couldn't even find out where this Montauk monster is.