Wednesday, August 13, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

“...the Bowery is going to be the next meatpacking district," with more wine bars than you ever imagined. Just in case you had any doubts. [Grub St]

The dear old Cheyenne goes upscale. Maybe [Eater]

How to take baseball from the proletariat and hand it over to the bourgeoisie--double the ticket prices. Also, serve "Sterling" food, because everyone knows Proles don't eat "frites." [EVG]

Meanwhile, "a new breed of Mets fans" (guys from Connecticut) are working hard to run the working men and women out of Willets Point. [Times]

The Cemusas keep coming. The old newsstand at Sheridan Square just got robotified. Now's the time run out and take snapshots of your favorite old newsstands. [GVDP]

...Like this jewel at 14th and 8th:

Villagers, including Amy Sedaris, slam Vongerichtified Beatrice Inn for being too noisy, crowded, and obnoxious. [Eater]

Brooklynites call 911 to stop club noise. [Gothamist]

Check out New York rock ephemera from Andy Schwartz to Stupefaction.

Finally, the city is stepping in to stop shops from air-conditioning the streets. [City Room]

Explicit gay cruising comes to StuyTown. [STLL]

A book worth checking out: Barbara Ehrenreich's This Land Is Their Land.


Nick said...

Organic is one thing, but "seasonal" AND organic? It's the Frankenstein's Monster of classic diners - reanimated with a yunnie brain.

*sigh* I'm just glad I got to eat there at least once.

JamesChanceOfficial said...

Regarding the Mets ticket prices all I can say is oy vey. At least the upper deck will still be affordable.

That Oval Stud is one of the more strange things I've seen in a while.

And thank god they're finally doing something about the open doors with the AC on thing.