Monday, August 18, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Finding her beloved theater turned into a Sephora, Leslie Nipkow writes, "I want to sit in a theater seat and lose myself in somebody else’s imagination for a few hours. I want to be reminded that my world does not stop at the front of my face." [Times]

The Stuyvesant Polyclinic is to be a "think-tank sort of thing" and not a private mansion, as previously marketed. I guess Lenny Kravitz wasn't interested after all. [Times] via [EVG]

On Grand St., a developer's condo plans go up in smoke for a homeless shelter. He claims the locals were "jealous." [NYP]

A look at one of the Bowery's last flophouses--and Sam Chang's (so far thwarted) efforts to turn it luxury. [Metro]

“This might be the beginning of the end of the American empire.” [Times]

The Cooper Union "hive" gets glass between the metal sheets:

New blog in town: Check out "No New York."

See Richard Sandler's films at the 6B Garden August 22--and watch Brave New York here. You will weep. It's impossible not to. [Gothamist]

Check out "A Loving Portrait of a Neighborhood," 8/24 show by EV photographer Lorcan Otway.

Celebrate art in Alphabet City with Chashama.

"Once there was another city here, and now it is gone. There are almost no traces of it anymore, but millions of us know it existed, because we lived in it: the Lost City of New York." --Pete Hamill, New York Magazine, 1987


Anonymous said...

Pete Hamill's "Downtown" is a must-read.
(In paperback as of a couple of years ago....)

Anonymous said...

I love that Pete Hamill quote.

Anonymous said...

How'bout this: