Thursday, August 14, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Addendum to today's earlier post: Disabled people will also get the boot in the new, Avalonized LES. [Gothamist] ...but that was unofficially announced last month.

"It's like watching drunken sheep follow one another off the Cliffs of Moher." How the next Great Depression may already be upon us. [Minyanville]

On Bleecker, in the window of Juicy Couture, a hypnosis reinforcement message for this street of sleepy sheep:

The International Bar does its part to keep poetry alive in the EV--this week's reading featured avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas. [Farfalla]

New York's "cuddliest anarchist" and anarcho-punk band Leftover Crack want us to protest police brutality, Sept 5. [NMNL]

More fun photos from New York's recent ancient history. [FP]

Will the diners in Vento's new basement lounge be aware of what went on there not so long ago? [Grub St]

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