Thursday, August 21, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Remember that East Village Portfolio, the big-ass Extell sale of 17 buildings? Here's more fallout: 40% evictions and lots of harassment. [City Room]

Though it's still under construction, it looks like condo Yves is already welcoming new tenants. This guy walked out of the lobby, looked around, grabbed the scaffolding, and started doing pull ups. Someone tell him the scaffolding will not be one of the amenities:

Skyline Books is having their annual 30% off sale--until around Labor Day. Go, go, go and support this shop, because you know they won't be there forever:

Go see Pete Hamill tonight at the Tenement Museum. [BBoogie]

Enjoy Nordic Delicacies with BaHa in Bay Ridge. [SE]

Pandamonium: Just hipsters being nihilistic? or a meaningful, joyful, culture-jamming demonstration of that old NYC spirit? [Gothamist]

Speaking of nihilism, check out this "Jews Against Obama" guy and the pseudo-Nazi stuff happening on the new Orchard Street. [NYC]

Speaking of huggy bears (and Nazis), NYC's cuddliest anarchist protests "Hollywood Nazi occupation" by film crews in the EV. [NMNL]

And come Sept 5, the Slacktivists will be at it again:


Bob Arihood said...

Jeremiah , John and some of the other "slactivists" did in fact protest at the film set on 4th street yesterday afternoon .The picture posted is from Tuesday night . I did not realize that they were coming by to protest at that time so I missed getting pictures of it all .

I would have been right in the middle of it with great camera angles since the major action was right outside my door on the sidewalk .All I had to do was open my door and walk 5 feet and touch the big Arriflex that was stairing at a section of our east 4th street sidewalk .

Anonymous said...

In regards to the yunnie boy doing chinups.
Have you ever seen yunnie boys like that idiot outside the condo (he was probably the developer) when they're doing chinups on the handbars on the train?
Two weeks ago I was standing by the door of a crowded F train when this large giggle group of male and female yunnies got on and stood near me. Having nothing better to do, one of them began doing chinups on the bar above us, swinging back and forth like a monkey as the train moved, to tremendous giggles. Now, with all this swinging back and forth he began getting uncomforably close to my personal space, so I positioned the book I was reading (hardcover, serendipitously) so that the corner would jab the small of his back on the next swing. It did so, and he jumped down and looked at me. I looked at him. He got spooked and turned to his friends again. The giggles returned to their previous level within a few seconds, but he didn't do anymore swinging while I was there.
It was a most satisfying.