Monday, August 11, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Tour Manhattanville in pictures before Columbia scrubs it from the map. [Times]

Give more love to the Iron Triangle before it's gone. [FNY]

Go to Russo's with Baha and pick up a nice mozz. [SE]

A fascinating discussion is happening about the ins and outs of kosher gym-going, which I didn't know even existed. Is this another clever satire? [Gothamist]

We are losing Orchard Street building by building. Bowery Boogie looks at the rubble of #163 and here's demolished 139-141. One of the lost includes a gallery, recently relocated to Brooklyn. Click here to see what used to be:

Starbucks and Whole Foods have increased car traffic in the suburbs: “'It is not just that American households have more is that they are finding new places to take them.' ...They’re driving to Whole Foods because they don’t like the produce at their neighborhood supermarket. They’re going out to get coffee. (So much of Starbucks’s revenue now comes from drive-through lanes that the company will put stores across the street from each other, sparing drivers 'the agony of having to make a left turn during rush hour.')." [Times]

Visit one of the EV's best dive bars, the Holiday Cocktail Lounge, before it vanishes too. [RH]

The International Bar, one of our best dive's revived, is having a poetry reading tonight at 7:00 in their back patio. Check it out.

Sept 27: Save the date to Save the Bowery at a Bowery Poetry Club fundraiser. [SLES]


JamesChanceOfficial said...

Thanks for pointing out the piece on the Holiday. That place hold a lot of memories for me!

Anonymous said...

As a longtime Russo's lover, seeing publicity like this makes me cringe. I love this place, know all the guys who work there, and am pretty sure they do a good business most of the year. I could go on and on about how great their food is. I'm in there 4 days a week and every year I take about $100 worth of stuff for the pre-Thanksgiving lunch and my family can't get enough of it.

Considering they've been there for so long, I don't really feel bad about hoping that they never become a tour bus destination or a highlight on the "Shop NYC" guide. So many things have been ruined that way.

Anonymous said...

Better tell Sheila at Gawker about the imminent death of Holiday Cocktail Lounge.