Monday, October 15, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Giuliani admits guilt (or takes credit) for murdering the soul of New York City. (P.S. Avoiding eye contact is still a good idea.) [NYT] [Gothamist]

Harlem braces for Bloomie's big rezoning bomb. [NY Sun]

Here are two ways to avoid eviction when Barb Corcoran's breathing down your neck: drop dead or move to New Jersey. I'm not sure which choice is better. [NYDN]

Mosaic Man Jim Power has sold his URL,, to a real estate company. Jim desperately needs the money so he can rent some real estate of his own and stop sleeping outside. The irony of this situation is painful. [Scoopy's]

The Pennsylvania Hotel, the one that inspired Glenn Miller's "Pennsylvania 6-5000," is coming down and only, like, two people care. [NYO]

With all the talk of Manhattan's soul these days, what about Brooklyn's? [Kinetic C]


Anonymous said...

what a shame that we are losing the Pennsylvania Hotel. I have long found comfort going past it knowing my long deceased parents spent their honeymoon night there in 1941. I have still have the receipt - $5.00 for the room and 25 cents tax. It makes for a thread of continuity in an ever-changing city. gailnyc

Jeremiah Moss said...

you're right about the thread of continuity. it's being cut. i'd love to see that receipt. if you've got a digital image of it, send it if you like, and i'll put it up.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn's soul is actually more in danger than Manhattan's. I find that the northern part of the borough is much more overrun with "Yunnies" (great series of posts on the type), and even the bricks and mortar part will change irrevocably when the Atlantic Yards development is completed.

In Manhattan, parts of older versions of New York survive here and there. I think the problem with Brooklyn is that the neighborhoods were always less diverse, so when their character changes it changes completely. No Manhattan neighborhood has gone to the exteme of yunnification as DUMBO, for example, and Williamsburg is heading in the same direction.