Monday, October 29, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Chase Bank hires a friendly fursuiter to attract customers and Trader Joe's uses cute artsy kids to do the same. Somehow, the two don't seem so different to me. [Racked] [NY Mag]

Here's a New Yorker after my own heart, "I see a city that's losing its texture, its character, its grit. Yes, New York City is still the greatest city in the world. But it is no longer the most exciting and surely, it now ranks as the most heartbreaking." [NYDN]

Over 100 Harlem residents got together this weekend to protest the destruction of their neighborhood by Kimco, set to demolish over a dozen shops. Fox 5 News showed a brief clip of angry people carrying signs that said: "Stop cultural genocide." [Columbia S.]

After 80 years, the city decides this newsstand is suddenly in the way -- but the neighbors aren't having it. [NY Post]

A landmarked building -- and piece of city history -- collapsed in Chelsea. You just know some condo developer is jumping for joy. [Video on News 7]


newintown said...

Speaking of stores and sidewalks, does Whole Foods pay the city to use 13th St as a supply depot in the AMs? Oh, it doesn't?

Anonymous said...

It's an SVA dorm. They are building a Commerce Bank underneath us. The rumor is that NYU was originally going to build a 16 story dorm on the site, but that fell through and SVA bought the property and built the 6 story dorm instead.