Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Adam & Yves

Yesterday, a worker was stapling up these shrouds of self-promotional advertecture on Yves, one of the many, many condo buildings currently rising in Chelsea.

photo: my flickr

Here I see a fantasy of the primordial, prototypical yunnies posing in their post-lapsarian world. Expelled from Paradise, they seek a return to the blue waters of mother's chilly womb. They look towards but not at each other. Separate, they can't touch. Like Narcissus, they may gaze at their own reflections in the pool, but human connection remains out of their reach.

Here is a portrait of the alienation that is washing over our city, an alienation that has somehow become admired and longed for, rather than critiqued. How long before there's no one here but these robots?

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is this supposed to say "home"? I guess not. I guess it's supposed to say "these units will be pre-outfitted with sub-zero appliances."

Ah, the tragedy of the doomed self-involved heterosexual couple in chelsea with only their real-estate investment to bond them on only the most superficial level. The ad seems to say "join us and you will feel alienated and distant from your partner, but you will be one of the elite."