Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jade Mountain Update

Something is happening at Jade Mountain, the former beloved Chinese restaurant on Second Avenue. For the past several mornings there has been quiet activity going on behind the metal shutter. Yesterday I was able to ask one of the workmen what's in store for the old favorite.

a peek inside jade mountain

"It's going to be a restaurant," he told me, but he didn't know what kind. I hope it's another Chinese joint and that they keep the beautiful neon signage. Either way, let's be thankful it's not turning into yet another bank or Starbucks.


Anonymous said...

I live nearby and heard it will be a hamburger joint "but they will be $20 hamburgers."

Anonymous said...

Any word on the signage? Will it end up in a dumpster?

Anonymous said...

nope....its going to be a bar/lounge type place.
same ownership as uncle mings on ave. A.

S.A. said...

Wow, so sad. This Website/blog is important to tell the story (while some of us still remember it) of what NYC was like. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This made me so sad! Jade Mountain was a landmark. In my book, "Growing Up Over Lulu's Bar" I used it as a backdrop for a couple of scenes. Lulu's bar was on the corner of 13th Street and Second Avenue, and Jade Mountain was just a few doors down. Lulu's was owned by Lulu Cosentino, the boxer. Anybody remember Lulu's? What next? Veniero's Pastry on 11th Street?