Monday, October 1, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

I reported on this last week, but here's more on the new Chelsea condo just loaded with suburban amenities: "McMansions stacked high into Manhattan airspace!" [Voice]

Remarkably, a great horned owl has moved into the East Village. Does this signal a new flock of gentrifiers, the return of some very old natives, or does the suburbanized NYC appeal to country critters? [NMNL] I do wonder if the owl escaped from the falconry extravaganza in Central Park. [Gothamist]

Here's a new word: Manhattanifying. It's what's happening to the boroughs and it's synonymous now with suburbanization. It means golf, Starbucks, and lots of real estate brokers. [Observer]

It's too late to see the installation, but you can explore the Atlantic Yards Future Perfect video show online and see what's in store. [AYR]

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Bob said...

Very sad and telling article in the Observer----realtors---a different class of people. Again, it is up to the community groups, which are getting stronger, to hold their ground, and stand against all this. Again, the Mayor and the city remain silent re this issue, because I assume they are in favor of it. The complacency and simple vision of the brokers in the article is repugnant to me.