Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn in New York

It's warm again. 74 degrees today. It's mid-October and the air ought to be crisp, but it's muggy. With global warming ramping up, what will happen to autumn in New York?

Diesel answers that question with their image of a vanished city -- and a vanished world -- in their new ad campaign. Gothamist comments on Wired's open question: Are these ads evil or fun? I think the answer to that is obvious.

The campaign's website features a video that outlines the dire consequences of global warming then says, "Hold on! Global warming cannot stop our lives." Cue the party music. Just like George Bush's hideous insistence that if Americans stop shopping and going to Disneyland then "the terrorists win." Now Diesel tells us: If you stop partying (e.g., burning fossil fuels) then you're letting global warming win.
  • The Washington Post mocks, "You can't be too well-dressed for the apocalypse."
  • Torontoist calls the images "vomit-inducing adverts for the masses."


Anonymous said...

Actually if we had had this weather in August, people would be complaining about it. Its really muggy and uncomfortable. Worse, the weather forecasts have been predicting 60 degree weather and rain for the last two days, so I've not been dressed for it!

Anonymous said...

After discussing with a yunnie something he did (can't remember right now what it was) that wasn't heinous but clearly offensive he ultimately justified it all with: "But it was fun." Which pretty much sums it up for these people. As long as it's fun nothing else matters.