Thursday, October 25, 2007

*Everyday Chatter

Another good bar, the All State Cafe, gets crushed beneath the bootheels of progress. Read these testimonials and weep. [City Room]

Rejoice! Coney gets one more summer...but next August we'll be sobbing again. [Kinetic C]

I've been trying to remember what they demolished on the corner where the 8 Union Square South condo now stands. Oh, was that funny little Paterson Silk building.

...and on the opposite corner: Here's an old TV commercial for New York's now-defunct J.W. Mays department store. There used to be one in Union Square, where the Whole Foods is today. [Malls of America]

Finally, high-end Hamptons shop Blue & Cream moves into the Avalon Chrystie and puts up a bunch of posters in their window filled with photos of grinning, toothy consumers: my flickr. Over the door it says, "Welcome to the Bowery."


Anonymous said...

Your coinage of "yunnie" was completely brilliant. At first I didn't like it, since it was too obviously a ripoff of "yuppie", and many of these people are well into middle age (in fact the worst sidewalk blockers and slow movers seem to be old people, many of them for some reason dressed in plaid shirs). I actually preferred "nunnie", or new urban narcissist. But "yunnie" is catching. I now think of the wide turn you give around someone walking and talking on a cellphone, lest he or she drift into you when passing them, or hopping out of the way of a SUV turning into a crosswalk at 50 MPH, as "yunnie dodging".

That said, I half agree with "Andrew M." on the city blog. I've been in more of my share of bars and have never heard of the "All Stars Cafe" in my life. The article gives no hint of where it was located, but its tagged as the "Upper West Side". How good could a bar on the Upper West Side have been? The neighborhood has consistently had the most boring bars in the city for the last twenty years.

Anonymous said...

All State Cafe. That was a snarky post and at least I should get the name right.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks ed. "nunnie" is not bad, it does take care of the age problem and also implies the nullifying, nihilistic effect they have on everything they touch. but it does conjure catholic women in habits.

i have not been to the all state and the original times article did not inspire me, but after i read the truly moving accounts in the city room story it just seems pretty clear this joint was a good bar.

as for the UWS, don't forget the vanishing P&G!