Wednesday, August 18, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

"Windsor Terrace parents are throwing a tantrum at the Oak & the Iris Café, claiming that they have no right to cancel their weekly sing-a-longs just because their precious kids were breaking property." [Gothamist]

Homeless shelter becomes "gay hotel," complete with undulating hallways. [Curbed]

Elle magazine offices besieged by bed bugs. [RS]

Fans of Max's Kansas City get a book and an exhibit. [Stupefaction]

An ode to the "truck bomb." [EVG]

Greenpoint's Manhattan 3-Decker lives. [NYS]

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Ed said...

The frattiness of the East Village has been at different levels in three zones for over a decade, most intense west of 2nd Avenue, least intense east of Avenue B, with a sort of mixed zone in between 2nd Avenue and Avenue B.

But I've noticed in the last few months that everything has been dialed up a notch in all three zones. West of 2nd Avenue has gone from mostly fratty to all fratty, everywhere, just about all the time (with the Mars Bar being the one holdout). The in between zone has gone from pretty fratty to mostly fratty, and I'm getting worried about east of Avenue B.

No wonder the commentators on EV have been getting so cranky.