Monday, August 23, 2010

East Village 90s

Digging back into my small archive of print photos from the early/middle 1990s, we did Times Square, and now here's the East Village collection scanned. It's only 7 photos, but it shows some of what was here 15 years ago.

All but one of the places in these images has vanished

Kurowycky Meats: A Halloween ghost hangs with the meat in the window, back before meat was outlawed and Kurowycky had to hang plastic sausages in its place--back before Kurowycky closed and became Kim's. They used to trim the fat off my chicken.

Stingy Lulu's: Where drag queens served you breakfast and cocktails, before it became one thing, then another thing, and now Hop Devil Grill.

Wolinnin Funeral Home: Before it became a pottery studio and now the Butter Lane cupcake shop.

Leshko's Coffee Shop: Of the buzzing flies and cakes under foggy plastic covers, of the late-night breakfasts, and the junkies slipping into the bathroom to shoot up. Before it became the hideous noise-fest it is today.

VFW: Where was this? 9th Street? Old men used to hang around outside.

Ray's Candy: This is the only photo I have in this collection of an East Village place that hasn't vanished, or changed much at all.


City Of Strangers said...


Memories. I can just remember some of these places. Leshko's in particular. I remember coming in from Brooklyn one morning with a girlfriend to have breakfast - and it had changed completely and more or less become what it is today. Can't remember the year - late 90's I think. That was the real turning point in the Village . . .


East Village Feed said...

Great photos - thank you for sharing these.

Don said...

Stingy Lulu's: was trying to remember what that place was called last week. I remembered eating there at 3am one weekday morning, 13 or 14 years ago, and watching the FDNY cut through the riot gate of a place across the street to put out an electrical fire. I could remember everything about it except for the name of the restaurant.

Susan May Tell said...

This is great. In the early 1980's I photographed downtown, including the East Village, a great deal. I remember having a conversation in an EV art gallery. The gallerist described her clientele this way - "People come into the gallery and ask the price of a painting and then ask the price of the building across the street."

Here's a link to the photo project I was working on. Real / Unreal: urban landscapes of the 1980's.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks Susan, great stuff on your photo site.

i wish i had taken more photos back then. but with film, especially black and white, it was so expensive, i just didn't do it. and i didn't know it would all be gone within a decade, either.

Susan May Tell said...

Thanks, Jeremiah

I recently took film out of my freezer and my film camera out of the closet and have gone back to using it. I no longer have a 'wet' darkroom and haven't decided what/how to process the film. Sorta like not knowing what the images look like until they'll be developed - which slows everything down and feels like a good thing. I still use my dig cameras for some things.

Kinver Village said...

Nice photos buddy!

snuggle bunny said...

::misses Stingy Lulus::
Spotted Billy Corgan in there a few times...used to eat there after school when I got out early if I didn't feel like going to Odessa for a 3 hour long cup of coffee and some pancakes...back when there WAS an all girls' HS on St. Mark's Place, and we used to buy postcards in the printshop on the north side of St Mark's btwn 1st & A and sneak into the tattoo shops b/c we were underage, but the guys were always nice to us anyway.