Monday, August 16, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Finally! The drinking game to get you through those CB/SLA meetings: Chug if "The applicant promises to keep the spirit of the previous owner's establishment alive by having the now-deceased previous owner stuffed and mounted over the bar." [EVG]

"I have a feeling that if Andy Warhol were alive he would be spending the summer writing a novel that takes place in real time on Facebook." [NYT]

The for rent sign goes up on old Carmine's of South Street Seaport:

This Starbucks story would've been better if the lady was thrown out for refusing to say the idiotic "Venti." [Eater]

Enjoying Chinatown roof writing. [Restless]

42nd Street bedbugs bring scariness back to the Deuce. [Gothamist]

Visiting the new P&G--though the neon sign has yet to make it, the old bar and booths remain. [365]

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Kevin Walsh said...

What's worse is at starbucks I have to know the difference between teas. Any other place, I ask for tea, I get tea and I can add milk and sugar. There, I have to know green, black, whatever. I just guess.