Monday, August 2, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

The indie bookshop revolution in NYC--they're "curated." [NYM]

As thrift shops disappear. [Racked]

A long-time resident remembers life before "MePa": "It was really gritty and dirty... Most of my friends didn’t even want to come down this way. It was really dark back then." [Villager]

Girls Gone Wild, East Village edition. [EVG]

Wall St. Station's wooden token booth. [ENY]

Hoping the Manhattan Triple Decker doesn't change its sign during the renovations. [NYS]

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Anonymous said...

tip: J&S imports on broadway just above union square has completed their move upstairs, to the 4th floor. they hopefully won't vanish soon, as they own the building (according to a Times article), but the wonderful sign is gone. imports from "africa, haiti and spain" ... I always loved how broad "africa" and oddly specific "spain" were joined in this sign.