Monday, August 31, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Standard Hotel exhibitionism inspires cover story on voyeurism in NYC. [Metro]

The closing of Cafe des Artistes--"the death of an intrinsic part of old New York." [NYT]

"We Live in Public"--remembering the silicon 90s, when our Webbed life today was forecast in an underground Soho bunker. [NYT]

At Spike Lee's party in Brooklyn for Michael Jackson. [Gothamist]

Slacktivists rally outside Christodora, asking to be adopted. [SG]

The Howl Festival kicks off this week. [BB]

Buying a bra on Orchard Street. [HNY]


Anonymous said...

Now that the multi-millionares lost something precious to them (Cafe Des Artistes) maybe they will start trying to financially help New Yorkers who care about preservation
of small unique businesses.

John said...

Very sad about the Cafe des Artistes . . . I wonder where that lovely old woman who sat at the bar every night will go now.