Monday, August 24, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Shuttered icon Vesuvio will at least remain a bakery--but will the angry neighbor be happy about continued food smells? [Eater]

John Strong packs up his freakshow and leaves Coney. [ATZ]

Mosaic Man attacked by drunken middle-aged men on Tompkins Square Park. [NMNL]

On the scene of an EV murder. [EVG]

Fat-unfriendly review of JC Penney draws ire from the Times. [NYT]

How to beat Bloomberg. [RS]

Keep time with the clocks of Yorkville. [FNY]

Native name for Manhattan--and favorite of Walt Whitman--appears on subway sign. [NYS]


EV Grieve said...

The attack on the Mosaic Man is appalling. Of course, the whole thing started when one of the morons started peeing on the sidewalk. And every weekend it seems as if more and more of these meatheads show up in the EV...

Anonymous said...

I don't know, the crack head scumbags from the early 90's peeing on the sidewalks, and the 2009 frat house 'bags doing it, pretty much the same crap to me minus the vials of crack and used heroin needles.

Urine smells like urine.

JakeGould said...

Wow. Frat dinks attacked the mosaic man? It seems to be a dissonant echo of what happened during the first Woodstock versus Woodstock 94. One group understands what the deal is and the later group only hooks into the most base/destructive aspects of the thing that "inspired" them.

Sick and sad.