Tuesday, August 4, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

No more Gwathmeys for NYC: The man who dropped the Green Monster in Astor Place is dead. [NYT]

On DBGB: "After dinner one recent evening, a well-heeled patron emerged onto the sidewalk with a golf club propped jauntily on his shoulder, while a chauffeur-driven S.U.V. idled at the curb. If you scrub the grit from the Bowery, after all, it’s just the East Side." [NYer]

Will Stealth Starbucks be a future plague on our city? They've already started in Seattle. And the un-branding of the Bigs begins... [Schott]

Cinema Nolita needs your funds to stay alive. Check it out. [BB]

Park Slope plywood graffiti: "Coming Soon: Affordable Housing for the Rich." [NYP]

The infamous Eldridge gets the old-school LES treatment--maybe some irked bibliophiles getting violent? [Curbed]

Aces & Eights not a "frat-hole," beer pong defended. [EVG]

Hollywood seeks hipster types for that authentic LES look. [BB]


Ken Mac said...

so the Starbucks rebranding is true. Wow! Thanks for the best wishes Jeremiah...

Jeremiah Moss said...

can you believe that stealthy move? very creepy, if you ask me. (glad you're back up and running...)

JakeGould said...

Well, the Starbucks move is creepy... But will it backfire? It seems that they are trying to distance themselves from the competition they are now mixed into with Dunkin' Donuts... And up the brand, right? But by doing this who will they win over?

It's a tad bizarre to me since the bulk of their business are people who want to flaunt the brand. Now? What will they really gain?

Crazy world we're in.

Anonymous said...

Stealth Starbucks is a sign that most people are tired of feeling a lack of character and originality aroud them. People are sick of everything being the sames.

However, these are still corporate run places that will always lack character. The thing they just don't get...It's not about IMAGE, it's about the people who run the place, the uniqueness of it.