Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Find out about taxi dances and more tonight with David Freeland at the Tenement Museum--and then visit the Parisian Danceland in your dreams. [P&W]

The StuyTown blogger wars have begun. [Curbed]

Will PS 64 be dormed after all? [EVG]

A new coaster for Coney? [ATZ]

MTV to leave Times Square. "Good riddance," says one JVNY reader. [NYP]

Help save Cinema Nolita--with movies and parties. [BB]

Dear Williamsburg, your neighborhood is a nightmare. 33 stalled construction projects! Infested with mosquitoes and overrun by rats! Thousands of feet of plywood! Not to mention the gutter punks. Now this, says council member David Yassky, is what you call "blight."


Anonymous said...

The article makes it clear that MTV is not leaving Times Square. Rather, it is not renewing it's lease on just the humungous studio space overlooking Times Square. The rest of the operations/offices are upstairs in the same building, and they are not going anywhere.

MTV has THE hottest female employees, BTW. I get giddy whenever I get the chance for a lunch meeting at the Viacom commisary (aka "The Lodge").
Good times. Oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Williamsburg is now "blighted." Hoo-ray!
Time to put that sick horse out of it's misery. Sounds like a great case for emminent domain!

David Yasky, meet Bruce Ratner.
Bruce Ratner, meet David Yasky.

You guys know what to do.