Thursday, August 6, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

The police who are policing The Coop had a meeting with residents to discuss the hotel's many violations, plus "girls screaming off the penthouse" loud enough to be heard in first-floor apartments. [EVG]

Someone in Soho hates Hollister and its shirtless mimbos--go back to Cali, they say. [Curbed]

Williamsburgers are starting to fight against the "booze-soaked, party-loving, 'frat boy'-filled" environment. [BP]

Under the Shore Theater fire escape at Coney:

Cafes are getting tired of laptop slugs--and is "extrovert scribe" an oxymoron? [Grub]

As StuyTown has turned into a dorm, one student--I mean resident--"tries to understand why his neighbors love to hate him." [STLL]

You still have 33 days to ride Michael Jackson's Dragon Wagon at Coney. [ATZ]

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